Dealing With Rejection From A Girl, What To Do Next

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This is something just about every guy has gone through at some point in their lives when it comes to girls. Dealing with rejection from a girl can be an easy thing for some guys and difficult for others.

There is no science to dealing with rejection because every girl is different. Don’t be discouraged if a girl rejects you. There are simple scenario suggestions on how to get back in the game if she rejects you.

  1. If a girl says no to you don’t ask her if she is sure. If she said no she means no. However, you can try and sweet talk your way into continuing the conversation. You may have come on too strong at first and maybe can get her number by the end of the conversation.
  2. If she says no and you really want to get her, don’t be too worried. She may not be interested at first glance and from her first impression of you but maybe later.  Wait a bit and see what’s up later.
  3. If you get rejected don’t worry. You’re out at a bar most likely, look around at all the other girls you see and go talk to another one bro! Like the saying goes, “there are plenty of fish in the sea” especially at bars. So if a girl definitely seems uninterested move on and don’t waste your time for another second when there may be an easier girl awaiting a few seats down.
  4. Was there a reason given if this chick rejects you? If so, you can work on that weakness and make it stronger. Like I said, not every girl is the same so after you get a feel for her demeanor you can then choose the right tactic to get her attention and keep it. A tactic you use on one girl may not work on another girl, keep that in mind.
  5. If you get as far as getting her phone number then congrats man! If this girl doesn’t text back though after you texting her, well you can do one of two things. Immediately move on to the next girl or, wait a day or two and try texting her again. She could be busy and not have time to respond to your text so if you try again you may reach her. But, for your own sanity you must evaluate the experience with her prior to getting her number. If it seemed like you guys kicked it off well, I’d say wait a day or two and text her back. If she was not all that focused on your conversation and was somewhat short with her answers move on to the next girl.

Dealing with rejection can be made easier on any guy if you follow these suggestions.

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Me: Hey Jen palm reading, what’s my name in your phone?

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