About Text-Girls.com

Text-Girls.com was founded by a group of dudes that has been interested in seduction for a long time. We have each respectively read [and practiced] pretty extensively some of the material by Mystery, Ross Jeffries, Neil Strauss, David DeAngelo, and other seduction “gurus.”

As the proliferation of text messaging started taking hold, we began using texting as an arsenal in our overall seduction game. We came up with certain one-liners or “canned” material that worked wonders on most women, making them either intrigued, horny, or both! We also found ourselves abiding by certain unwritten “rules.”

We thought that these text messaging etiquette “rules” were common sense. We thought that all dudes (and all people actually) knew them and abided by them.

But apparently we were wrong.

This discovery was made in 2007 as we were talking to a mutual friend of ours. A chick that he had been pursuing sent him a text message as we were hanging out, and he’s like “Dude, she texted me, what should I write back?!” with his phone out ready to send it.

Jigga-B and I looked at each other and we were both thinking the same thing–”Dude, don’t even text her back!”

Apparently this idea of sort of playing hard-to-get had never occurred to him. He was curious and surprised, but followed our advice and ended up getting with the chick!

From there we started investigating and found that a lot of dudes could benefit from the strategies that we had been developing. So we though, “Hey, let’s start a blog,” and here we are!

Enjoy this stuff you guys. Don’t take life too seriously, and make sure you’re having fun as often as possible.

The Text-Girls.com Crew