How To Text A Girl Part 2/5: Ideas & Example Messages That Make Her Want You

Hey yall, Yags here.

This is part 2 in a 5 part series on how to text a girl and make her want to bang you.

You’ll learn ideas & examples from things to say to girls you just met in a text to tips on dirty text messaging, texting games & of course, sex texting.

See the first part in the series here if you haven’t already (it’s a great example of how to start texting with a girl you just met)

Day 2

Me: Hey Jen palm reading, what’s my name in your phone?

I wrote this at around 9 pm. We say all the time that TIMING is one of the most important elements in how to text a girl successfully. If you text too quickly, it makes you seem desperate and/or bored.

Learn more about that here.

Her: your in my phone as chris speak easy that number has been in here for a while which is weird

What? My number was already in her phone? Have I met this girl before? Maybe. Regardless, this is like a lay-up..

Me: Hm that’s funny. It means I met u a long time ago and u got my number but we never talked. What’s funny is that we met AGAIN and you made me give you my number AGAIN and we are actually talking this time

She didn’t really make me give her my number, quite the opposite actually. I was just busting her balls.

Her: Yeah it just confused me. The even funnier thing was I all of a sudden remember I received a text while I was sleeping it felt like a dream then i was able to figure out who texted me

I don’t know what she’s talking about. I wait about 12 minutes to respond.

Me: The even funnier funnier thing is that I rarely follow up w ppl I meet when I’m out. But since my friend was the one that took ur number, he reminded me and for some reason I texted.

I didn’t have my cell phone with me at the bar that night, so I made my friend take her number. That’s one of my favorite things to do also — get others involved in the pick-up.

Telling her that I never follow-up with people was strategic too (not true, either) and important for how to text a girl —

It means that I’m not some dude that’s out picking up girls all the time (though I actually am)

Me: I think bc I told u I would call on Wednesday or summin, then it was Thursday and I remembered

I ALWAYS tell girls when I’m going to call or text. It makes it MUCH more likely that they’ll pick up.

Her: Who knows but I was asleep i didn’t remember it when i woke up at least you followed through on what you said

Me: There must be some reason we’re talking, we’ll have to figure it out. Maybe we’ll start an internet gaming site together or something like that, ya know, since u like games and i like the web

I’m hinting at fate here. Women love destiny.

Her: Hey I like computers and the web too

She’s clarifying her position — she cares what I think

Me: Oh well excuse me miss, I didn’t mean to pigeon hole u.

Her: No i know just adding i enjoy electronics

She’s so gay

Me: Random question: what are some of your pet peeves?

I like random questions. They keep the convo going and in terms of how to text girls — if you have a history of asking random questions, then you can ALWAYS ask them whenever you want. It’s a pretty powerful tool.

Her: Not doing what you say you will do, not pulling your own weight, and failing to inform others of things when it involves them and an overload of complaining ha

Her: Wow that was way too easy of a list to come up with

See, now I’m getting her concept — the way she views the world around her. And I know what she DOESN’T like, which inherently tells me what she DOES like.

Me: Haha that was a quick reply, you’ve defined ur pet peeves pretty clearly huh?

Her: I’ve got a roommate who got under my skin and drives me insane

Me: Ooh dagger, I know how that feels. Definitely the worst, how long is ur lease?

Her: She is leaving sat long story our lease is up in July

Just bullshitting — one of the arts of how to text a girl.

Me: Yea I’m livin w akid right now who I’d prefer not to live w. He’s leaving in a month or two

That’s like saying, “I’m just like you. I understand how you’re feeling and am sympathetic to your needs.” — makes women horny.

Me: Wanna be facebook friends?

Fun & random — plus, gives me a chance to see if we know any of the same people, see her pics, stalk her a little haha.

Her: Sure

Me: What’s ur full name, I’ll friend you

Her: ____________

Protecting the slut’s identity — just kidding. She’s not a slut. Just a little loose haahha (sooo sorry if you’re reading this! Wanna go out again sometime?)

Me: K, I’ll facebook u, what are u doin for the rest of the week?

Her: Word teaching dance dance rehearsal myself and going away party then more dance rehearsal all starting fri

Her lack of punctuation was pissing me off more than a little.

Me: That sounds like a blast. I’m totally jealous of you

Her: A lot of work

Me: So when do you relax?

Her: I find time somehow normally when I find a good book.

Me: Ya I’m a reader too, what do you normally read?

Just getting-to-know-you questions. If you want to learn how to text a girl really well, you have to get to know her really well.

Her: I like series of books mysteries

Me: That’s cool, I’ve never really read a mystery. I read non-fiction usually – biographies, history, business, self-improvement

Her: Yeah i like getting lost in a book no worries and thinking involved better than tv

Me: Do you have a big family?]

Not only am I getting to know her, but I’m asking deep questions that are the foundation of her fundamentally.

Her: I do b/c my parents come from big families you

Me: Ya I do too. I’m half Persian and my family is really big on that side

Her: I love it makes holidays so much fun

Me: Are they all around here ur fam, or are they scattered?

Her: Most in _____________

Me: Really, that’s funny my brother just moved to __________ – it’s nice there!

Hey, check that out — We have things in common!!

Her: Too much traffic

Me: Ya that’s true, is your family religious?

Here we go again — fundamental questions, getting to know her at her core, being genuinely interested in her as a person — NOT just a fuck toy.

Her: Some are some arent u?

Me: Same actually – I’m fallin asleep baby, I’ll facebook you tomorrow.

Always be the first to end the conversation. When you feel the end is near, don’t wait for her to end it. Just end it yourself.

Also, notice how I slipped in the “baby” — now that I learned everything about her, I feel more comfortable with her.

Her: Night

Me: Gnight

THAT’S how to text a girl so that she wants to see you again.

Stay tuned for part 3 of 5.

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