Things To Text A Girl: Examples Of How To Make Her Like You, Make Her Horny For You, & Get A Date Easily

What’s up y’all, P-Funk here… thought it was about time to drop some more examples of things to text a girl to not only get her interested and responding quickly…

But also to make her like you, make her want to go on a date with you, make her horny for you… and then set it up so that you can kiss her the first time you see her. as always, show you what you need…this is a long piece and you’ll learn a lot. After you’re done, check out the links below for more examples how to text a girl, things to text a girl, texting games to play, dirty (or “sex”) texting to make girls horny, and more…

So here’s the story… exactly how it happened (WARNING! It’s pretty graphic as usual. Lots of f-bombs n stuff..) Read more

How To Text A Girl Part 2/5: Ideas & Example Messages That Make Her Want You

Hey yall, Yags here.

This is part 2 in a 5 part series on how to text a girl and make her want to bang you.

You’ll learn ideas & examples from things to say to girls you just met in a text to tips on dirty text messaging, texting games & of course, sex texting.

See the first part in the series here if you haven’t already (it’s a great example of how to start texting with a girl you just met)

Day 2

Me: Hey Jen palm reading, what’s my name in your phone?

I wrote this at around 9 pm. We say all the time that TIMING is one of the most important elements in how to text a girl successfully. If you text too quickly, it makes you seem desperate and/or bored. Read more

Example Text Message To Send To A Girl You Want To Bang – Part 1/5

What’s up everybody? It’s Yags in the building here to talk to you today about an example text message to send to a girl you are trying to hook up with.

This is part 1 in a 5-part series.

A lot of people ask me about this, like, “What’s the best, cutest, perfect text message to send to a girl?

For me to answer that question for you is somewhat impossible. Why? Because I don’t know the details!

What works in one situation, may not work in another. But what follows is an example text message to send to a girl who 1) you don’t know that well, and 2) you would like to have sex with.

This is an exact copy of the convo that I actually had recently with a chick that I ended up banging. It’s a little long, but I encourage you to read the whole thing to learn my approach.
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