Brilliant Text Message Ideas – Fun, Flirty, and HOT!

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Looking for the ultimate in flirty text message ideas that will totally make a woman curious, interested, and pretty much hot?

Alrite, take notes, ready?

This one was one that I invented myself (P-funk here), I’ve been using it ever since, and it works brilliantly. Here’s how it goes:

1. See hot chic during the day somewhere (bookstore, coffee shop, grocery store, etc.)

2. Approach chic with the following: “Hey excuse me, I hate to bother you and this is totally weird at [insert time of day] in the [insert place where you are] but you are like, obviously beautiful as you probably know, and you would be TOTally perfect for my friend”

3. Gauge reaction

(I know this isn’t exactly a flirty text message idea quite yet, but bear with me. The initial meeting with a woman is EXTREmely important for setting up the text messages to follow.)

4. If reaction is positive, continue to sell? your friend to the woman – say things like, “This guy is easily the most eligible bachelor in [insert name of city you're in w/ her]. He’s fun, good-looking, lots of chics dig him, but he’s all picky. He would DEFinitely like you…etc.”

If reaction is negative, evaluate, but don’t be scared to bail.

5. Gauge reaction.

6. Pretty much regardless of action, go for the number close. Closes of a) Facebook IDs, b) email addresses, and c) places of employment also count. But set your friend up for success by specifying a date and time that you’re going to send them, and getting verbal agreement.

If you do this, and you do it well, it will literally lay the seeds for some of the most flirty text message ideas and games that you can imagine.

I have literally been doing this for a couple of weeks and it works. Take it to the field and try it.

A lot of people don’t like this idea b/c they think, “Why do I want to hook my friend up with a girl? I’m trying to bang a girl myself here!”

It’s easy to think that way, but here’s the thing..You are goin to start a text message battle with a hot woman right now. She almost definitely has hot friends. So if you do end up getting your friend or roommate or cousin or brother or whoever hooked up w/ this chick, a lot of times you’ll be invited along for the ride.

In other words, you get a lot of, “Hey, I have a cute friend, wanna’ do a double date?” type-of-texts.

Here’s proof that flirty text message ideas and games like this work. These are two chicks that Yags and I have been texting with earlier tonight. These are our conversations verbatim. Keep in mind, the way we opened these chicks and number-closed them was pretty brilliant. If your opening and closing sucks, your results may not be as good.

Here’s Yags’ girl:

Yags says: “So i told my roommate about you and he doesn’t believe me! U 2 r so perfect for eachother though”

Chic says: “Who is this and do u have the right number haha”

Yags says: “Damn u were either waisty face on friday or alot of dudes try to hook u up with their roommates ha ha…”

Chic says: “Haha who is this”

Chic says: “Ok give me some details so i can remember”

Note: this bitch is officially yours right now. You can totally have your way with her at this point. Put it in her butt if you want.

Yags says: “We were talking and u told me ur dad speaks greek and told u my roommate does too and has blue eyes, blah blah”

Chic says: “Haha wow thats too funny tell him i wasnt lying i am greek”

And that’s all we got so far. But this was the FIRST night of engagement. She’s clearly willing to continue talking to Yags, and she seems pretty interested in meeting his roommate too, wouldn’t you say?

Alright so that’s Yags’ chic, here’s an example of how these flirty text message ideas are working with my chic:

I say: “So i told my roommate about you and he doesn’t believe me! U 2 r so perfect for eachother though”

She says: “haha really? does he have facebook?”

I say: “He does have facebook but he literally doesn believe that im tellin the truth. What should i do? U two should totally at least meet right”

She says: “tell him to look me up on there”

I say: “Could u possibly look him up an friend him? He would def believe then. His name is ***** from ******

She says: “ok”

She says: “theres a million ppl with the same name lol”

And that’s all that happened so far tonight. But same thing, she’s clearly willing to keep talking to me, and she seems to be pretty interested in meeting my roommate too.

From here, both Yags and I can easily take these conversations whereever we want, and very potentially hook up with these chics in the very near future.

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3 Responses to “Brilliant Text Message Ideas – Fun, Flirty, and HOT!”

  1. segun on December 27th, 2009 9:47 am

    pls send me msgs i wanna date a gurl..meanwhile very brilliant…moreso she is my friends i like her and my friend did nt…plz send me qoute to in her @

  2. admin on December 30th, 2009 4:43 pm

    Hey Segun,

    Thanks for the comment. First thing to think about is, do you really want to try and steal your friend’s girl?

    He may not treat her right, but he’ll still probably get pissed at you if you make moves on her.

    If you decide that you are willing to lose that guy’s friendship, the best way to get the girl is by hanging out with her a few times.

    There’s not really one line you could say to her in a text message that would make her fall head-over-heels.

    So instead, one time when your friend isn’t around, try to hang out with her. Say something like,

    “So, I have this extra ticket to the [insert name of cool event] – I was gonna go with [insert name of other good-looking girl that you both know] but she got sick..Get of ur butt and come with”

    This works b/c

    1) her BF is out of town so you know she’s probably free,

    2) the cool event is enticing, and she’ll wanna go even if she’s not in love with you,

    3) you’re demonstrating value b/c you were going to go with the other hot chic, and

    4) you issue her a direct command – “get off ur butt and come with”

    That’s what I’d do – but again, Bros before Hos for me usually. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Get your own girl! Hahhaa

  3. neiman on June 29th, 2011 3:37 am

    Hi wats up

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