Text Flirting Girls Can’t See Coming

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When you’re text flirting girls can generally tell if you’re “gaming” – that is, playing games or intentionally trying to get them to want to date you.

There are certain strategies and techniques you can use that teach you how to text girls effectively. In a way that not only makes them want to have sex with you, but also in a way that establishes authority, and makes them think of you almost as a “Daddy” figure.

Basically, you want to treat them as you would a younger sibling.

Be short and playful. Basically caring very little about what they think or how they feel. But not in a dickhead kind of way. More in a funny kind of way.

An example of text flirting girls can’t see coming

Her: Alright, what time should I be there?

(I already had a date with her – getting a date is another game altogether hahah)

Her: Should I be there at 8?

(Notice, she texted me twice in a row – a sign that I can get away with treating her like my little brother. In general, whoever is doing most of the texting, is the one with less power over the relationship.)

Her: Hey I’m about to leave. Your gonna be there??

(She seems almost desperate now with the repeated texts after no answer from me…Perfect!)

Me: Hey I’ll be here, can you bring some beer?

(I put her to work)

Her: I have two beers at my house, I can pick some up if you pay me back : )

(She’s pushing back a little, this is NOT the time to give up)

Me: U can’t just hook me up, since I’m hooking u up right now?

(The reason for our date was for me to help her with her resume – that’s what we were saying anyway – we all know it was to BANG!)

Her: 6 pack?

(She gives in – the text flirting girls strategy works.)

Me: I was thinking 30 pack, that’s like $20/hr if we work for an hour, fuckin steal girl. Clients pay me $150/hr. Get me a pack of smokes too while you’re at it haaaaha

Her: LOL asswipe

(Looking good)

Me: I’m only kinda kidding

(I let her know that I’m serious about my request, just to test her, in reality I didn’t care that much about the beer, and I already had a pack of smokes)

Her: Do you have a printer?

Me: I could actually use a pack of smokes, babe, can u get me one?

(I let her know again that I was serious, called her babe (a term of endearment), and asked somewhat nicely now that she’s being a good girl)

Me: No we don’t have a printer

Her: I just bought a 30 pack!

Guess what happened? Yup, she came over, we worked on her resume, drank some beers, got a little wasted, then went up to my room.

This is a fundamental rule in picking up women. Treat them like you don’t care. But be careful. You have to have some rapport with the girl already. You can’t just start treating them like your little brother right off the bat.

Do you have an example of text flirting girls can’t see coming? Write about it in the comments section below.

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