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Hey what’ s up everybody? This is Yags and P-Funk on the mic once again talking about¬†texting games to play with girls.

Whether you’re texting with a girl you just met, with a girl you’ve been dating for a little while, or with your girlfriend, you’ll find a game here that fits the bill.

Choosing the right texting games to play with girls can be tricky.

For instance, if she’s a conservative girl, you’ll want to choose a game that’s cute or flirty, but generally keep it in the PG-13 realm. But if she’s¬†a party girl, or she’s more liberal, than you can get a little dirty, be seductive & choose a game with a more sexual undertone.

So without further ado, let’s get to it. We’ll start with this past weekend’s number one game

NOTE:¬†We’re going to continue updating this page to add more texting games to play with girls frequently – if you have a game ¬†you love or a specific question, please leave us a comment about it below.

The Nickname Texting Game

Rules are as follows:

*Meet girl

*Notice something interesting about girl/make fun of her about something

*Create nickname for girl based on whatever you made fun of her about

*Use nickname on girl repeatedly in a joking and sarcastic manner

This is one of Yags’ inventions and and it is one of the best texting games to play with girls you just met. It is almost guaranteed to lead to a maaaaake-out sesh!!

An example that happened recently goes like this:

Yags: Hey, i know we only hung for a second, but u got some eyes. All light green and scary and wolfy

: P

Girl: Haha shut up, everybody loves my eyes

Yags: Ya? I guess they’re pretty eyes, but your new nickname is “Howlin” – Ha! like a wolf!!

Girl: I love it!

Yags: So howlin…

And then you transition into whatever your next topic of texting games is. This one worked like a charm for Yags all weekend both in text messages and in person. DEFinitely try it.

Here’s a follow-up tried and true idea for hot texting games to play with girls you can use:

The “Would You Rather” Game

The ‘Would You Rather’ game is nothing new, but it’s one of the best texting games to play with girls.

Why? Because you can use it to 1) make her laugh, 2) to get to know her better & vice-versa & 3) flip the script & start talking dirty / sexy once she’s engaged & feeling comfortable.

NOTE: Women LOVE talking about sex, they just need to feel comfortable first. If it’s a girl you just met, take it slow with sex talk (i.e. “Sexting“) and test the waters once or twice before diving in. If she responds favorably, proceed. If she avoids the questions / changes the subject, back off.

The key here is the ‘would you rather’ questions you use. Here’s what you want to do:

Ask questions that are funny / amusing.

Why? Two reasons, FIRST, to keep her engaged & SECOND, because humor is both disarming & sexy to women. Women love laughing & if you ever ask a woman what she’s looking for in a boyfriend / relationship… she’ll say “Someone who can make me laugh hehe”.

Ask questions that hint at sex / relationship issues.

Why? Because when you’re talking about sex, it’s impossible not to think about it! If you can have a girl thinking about sex while she’s talking to you, then she can’t help but to think about having sex with YOU!

Luckily, there are questions you can ask that are both funny & relationship-focused. Here are some examples:

  • Would you rather find true love or $1,000,000?
  • Would you rather be dumped by text message or in front of all your friends?
  • Would you rather be caught cheating or catch your boyfriend cheating?
  • Would you rather find your soul mate & have all your friends hate him or stay single for the rest of your life with loving friends?
  • Would you rather have an awesome relationship with terrible sex or a crappy relationship with magnificent sex?
  • If you were to have a one-night stand, would you rather get¬†straight¬†to the point or have a romantic dinner first? has a bunch more of these in their “Relationship” section.

The Game About 3 Things

[After establishing rapport w/ her via text] You: Hey wanna play a game?

Girl: Haha okay [I have never had a chic say no]

You: Since we just kinda met and don’t know eachother, u tell me 3 things about u i dunno, and i’ll tell u 3 things about me. You first

Girl: Haha weird, okay..I like horses, and ponies, and the beach

You: Haha u like ponies, thats like such a lil girl!

Girl: Hey no fair, it’s ur turn!

You: Haha okay, i am blah, blah, and blah

Saying the “Haha u like ponies, thats like such a lil girl!” is crucial. The psychology of why you do that is because it’s almost impossible not to respond to it. It definitely warrants a response, probably a cute or romantic and playful response at that.

Also, the fact that you’re even asking to play a game is very unique and probably NOOO other guy has ever done that with her.

If you do this, and she is responsive and she tells you her 3 things, you can Eeasily score at least a drink date.

You have successfully made her smile in a cute, flirty, romantic sort of way and the probability that she’ll dog you is very low. You have engaged her, and she probably digs you. But never forget, none of these texting games to play with girls and seduction strategies really work unless you follow the 7 core secrets to text message seduction (coming soon).

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    Hey Emily,

    I’m good, how are you?

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    wow this girl just doesent get my humor or shes giving me a hard time on purpose. she just said huh? lame i never texed her again.

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    You know, sometimes — you just gotta move on. That’s why it’s a good idea to be texting with several girls at the same time.

    That way, if one of them is being a bitch, you can focus on the others and punish the bitchy one.

    That’s one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received. Go out and find 5 more chics to text with.

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