Texting A Girl After You Get Her Number:
The 3 Crucial Things You NEED To Know

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So you just got a girl’s number and you’re all excited, searching the web looking for info about texting a girl after you get her number.

Well you’re in luck.

Myself and my boys have been texting girls for many years. We have relentlessly tested and experimented with different text messaging strategies and have come up with a formula that works like magic.

I’m going to share it with you here today, but I have already written a good bit on it. See this example of what to say when texting a girl after you get her number.

1. Tell Her What You’re Going To Do

There’s a running debate about how long to wait before texting or calling a girl after you get her number, or after you go on a first date.

To me, this whole conversation is bullshit.

The fact of the matter is, that if the girl was into you, she wants to hear from you right away. If she wasn’t into you, she doesn’t want to hear from you at all.

Instead of wondering how long to wait, and potentially fucking it up by waiting too long, or texting too soon, why not just get her to tell you when to text?

Here’s how I do it:

Me: [on initial meeting, after pimping on her for a little while] Can I have your number’

Her: Sure, it’s 555-555-5555

Me: Okay, I’m calling you now so you have my number too. What nights are you free this week?

Her: Well I work on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays so Tuesdays and Thursdays work well for me.

Me: Perfect, I’m usually busy on Tuesdays but this week I’m free. I’ll text you and maybe we can meet up and do something.

Her: Okay, that sounds cool.

Me: Yea, yea for sure. Do you like texting or do you like talking on the phone better?

Her: I like texting.

Me: [thinking dirty thoughts] Okay, texting it is! Talk to you on Tuesday.

See that? Now she knows when I’m going to text her and I know when she is free. Also now, I know that she likes texting more than talking, which is a great piece of information.

See how you can use this strategy to pick up older women with texting.

2. Remember That Fortune Favors The Bold

By looking for info on texting a girl after you get her number, you’re making a crucial assumption, that you’re going to text her.

Like I said above, I always ask whether she likes texting or talking on the phone better.

Why? Because some chicks feel that texting takes no effort, that it’s impersonal, and that only kids in high school do it.

No offense if you’re in high school, but I’ve found that a lot of the higher-caliber girls that I’ve met are not as into texting as they are calling.

You certainly get to know somebody better by talking, and if you’re good on the phone, you can do a lot more work that way that you can by texting.

So are you asking about texting a girl after you get her number because you’re afraid to call her?

*Are you afraid you may fuck it up if you are on the phone with her?

*Are you worried that you won’t be able to think of anything cool to say?

*Are you a chicken-shit?

I’m not trying to be a dick. But I do know that there have been times when I was reluctant to call girls after meeting them.

But then I learned that fortune favors the bold.

So now, instead of just assuming that I’m going to be texting a girl after getting her number, I ask her what she likes! And if she tells me she likes talking on the phone, I man the fuck up, call her, and entertain the shit out of her.

3. Whatever You Do, Don?t Be Boring

This is pretty important, but luckily, it?s not that hard to not be boring.

Most guys are excruciatingly boring.

They have no game. No balls. No plan. They?re nervous as all heck and choke off their own charisma. They?re pretty much a bunch of pussies.

Not you though.

The best idea I can give you about not being a pussy and not being boring when texting a girl after getting her number is this?

Care Less ? Detach From The Outcome

Obviously you want to bang this chick. Or maybe you want to be in a relationship, whatever. So you care. You care a lot.

And our minds have this funny way of blowing little things out of proportion and making them seem big and important. But in reality, it?s really not important on the grand scheme of things.

What happens when you care less is that you seem like a bad ass. Even though you?re actually just a reformed chicken-shit J

You know how they say women like the bad boy type? Well that?s totally true.

And the only way to become a bad ass is by not caring.

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