The Ultimate Guide to Flirting With Girls Through Text Messaging

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Suave McNasty here reporting in.

You’ve entered the holy grail of flirting with girls through text messaging. Sure, any rookie can press send but it takes a bad mother fucker to translate characters into irresistible electronic seduction. The game has changed a lot since the days of the voice mail and here is how to adapt.

The advice you are about to receive here has been developed through years of collaboration amongst the wettest dudes in our social circle. Wield it wisely and you will be handsomely rewarded.


Believe it or not, the old “it’s not what you say but how you say it” holds true even in an environment where your tone and facial expressions are obsolete.

The mastery of timing can get you so far that it will blow your mind.. or get her to blow.. well you get what I’m saying.

When it comes to flirting with girls through text messaging, here is the bottom line:

Women Need Proper Attention

What is proper attention you may ask?.. let’s go into more detail.

Ever notice that hottie who is with the dude that is more of a puppy dog than a man? He must have something right…

But wait.. what about that guy who is a complete dick but always makes out with that one new hot chick at every party or has that sexy girlfriend that always takes his abuse… or gets the best of both?

What the eff is going on here?

Its all good, Suave McNasty has you covered. Despite what seems to be the biggest contradiction ever, both of these guys referred to above have one thing in common. They are managing the amount and timing of the attention they give to their girl.

The trick to flirting with girls through text messaging is that you must give the attention and then take it away in a very methodical fashion. It is one of the philosophies preached in the book Pimpology: 48 Laws of the Game and it is incremental when it comes to understanding (and ultimately manipulating) the female psyche.

That three day rule when it comes to contacting a chick whose number you’ve scored is all about the concept of timing.

I’m not always saying to wait that long in every situation, but I am saying that paying attention to when a chick will be most receptive is gonna play to your advantage.

Think about it like this. Just after you busted a nut, you probably wanna go score some Chinese and unwind. Even if that ’6′ or ’7′ who is always good for a cheap fling called you right then, you’d probably pass up the opportunity.

The same is true for girls except they are emotional creatures so they don’t need to bust a nut to shut down their horny valve, they just need to feel that they’re already getting the attention that they crave. So here is how to play it. Strike when she is thirsty for attention.

By giving a girl some attention at the right time and then establishing sub-consciously in her mind that you just as easily are in control of taking it away and willing to do so… you’ll have her moist by the third text. That is the secret to flirting with girls through text messaging.

Initial Texts:

  • When you first land a number, definitely allow enough time for the girl to become curious. Giving it at least a day but no more than four days is a good rule of thumb, though some advanced strategies involve waiting up to 10 days… we’ll tend to those later.
  • When initiating the conversation, strike when the girl is most likely not busy and alone. I like to go for late afternoon, 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM, and evening, 8:30 PM – 10:00 PM. Remember, we want her to be in between activities and in the mood for some attention.
  • It is helpful when you don’t know the girl very well at all to strike when there is something relevant, and preferably current to discuss. Is there a Victoria’s Secret show on TV? Is her favorite sports team playing? Vibe off of what this chick is in to.

Commanding The Conversation:

  • When it comes to flirting with girls through text messaging, evaluating how busy she is through her response time and matching it is crucial: If she takes 10 minutes to respond then get back to her in 12 more. It’s easy to adjust for other response times. Always respond a little bit slower than she does. The point is for her to desire you, not the other way around.
  • The last important aspect of timing is knowing when to end it. At least initially, once you’ve established a good conversation… END IT when it is at the peak. The concept here is to leave her wanting more! Make up something manly like you’re going to work out, work on your car or build a new bar for your place. She’ll think you’re a go getter and maybe even start to miss you.. jackpot.


At this point you are probably asking… Alright, Sauve McNasty… what the hell do I say to this girl?

Once again, I got you.

Delivering relevant substance when flirting with girls through text messaging is key to your success. A good memory, or sneaky note-keeping, will take you right to the place you want to be.

Recall how you first met the girl or the last good conversation you two had. What did she laugh at? Did she share any of her interests or hobbies? How about a favorite food or movie of hers? That type of stuff is text gold and you’d be foolish not to cash it in.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you met at a bar and some sloppy chick with a lower back tattoo fell down the stairs while you both were watching. Let us also assume that both of you found this funny and shared a moment (and that your girl doesn’t have a lower back tattoo). Lastly, lets say that your girl mentioned that her favorite baseball team is the Yankees and they just so happened to lose a game between 8:30 PM and 10:00 PM a couple days after meeting.

Text a clever intro like:

Looks like the bronx bombers just bit it like ms. tramp stamp on saturday night

What have you done here?

a) You demonstrated that you remember what she talked to you about
b) You got her to laugh by referring to a funny experience you shared
c) You jokingly have poked fun at her which women love for some reason (research ‘negs’ if needed)
d) Established that you aren’t creepy

Good texts are essentially a combination of readdressing things that have already happened while also offering something new or funny… preferably both. They allow for the conversation to go in any direction and make a girl feel like you’ve paid attention to her without being overly forward.

It is also worth mentioning that by keeping the conversation casual, you can gather information for future texts and have her wondering exactly how into her you are. Don’t forget… if you ever run out of things to say then just end it while its still going good by saying you’ve got man shit to do. Don’t worry. If she wants it, then she’ll text you back.

There is more advice on flirting with girls through text messaging to come. Check back for more posts.

Suave McNasty – signing off.


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