Things To Text A Girl: Examples Of How To Make Her Like You, Make Her Horny For You, & Get A Date Easily

What’s up y’all, P-Funk here… thought it was about time to drop some more examples of things to text a girl to not only get her interested and responding quickly…

But also to make her like you, make her want to go on a date with you, make her horny for you… and then set it up so that you can kiss her the first time you see her. as always, show you what you need…this is a long piece and you’ll learn a lot. After you’re done, check out the links below for more examples how to text a girl, things to text a girl, texting games to play, dirty (or “sex”) texting to make girls horny, and more…

So here’s the story… exactly how it happened (WARNING! It’s pretty graphic as usual. Lots of f-bombs n stuff..)

This is a true story… an example that happened to me personally. I just transcribed the texts right from my phone.

Here we go…

The Meetup:

Saw this girl in Starbucks early in the morning. It was like 8:30 or 9:00. I dared my boy to go up to her, but he wasn’t in the mood so I scooped in.

Didn’t know what to say, so I just went with the genuine compliment approach. I was like,

“Excuse me, I don’t mean to disturb you, but I just saw you from across the way and I gotta admit, you’re like… really cute.”

She giggles a little and I put my hand out and say, “I’m P-Funk.” She tells me her name and shakes my hand.

I then tell her that my friend is waiting for me and that I have to go, but that I’d love to see her again and asked for her number.

This lady behind her jumps in and goes, “Say yes! I met my husband in a Wendy’s!” We all giggle and she agrees to take my number but doesn’t seem to want to give hers. So I give her my number and tell her to call me but then I realize that my phone is dead so I don’t get her digits.

I make her promise to either leave a message or text me real quick and she agrees, but I admit that I didn’t think she would.

I’d been doing some approaches recently so I felt pretty good and centered and confident the whole time and I think she felt it. She ends up texting me later that day…

Texting Game On!

Over the next 5 days we do a good bit of texting and I learned a lot about things to text a girl. Examples are littered throughout this whole string and I’ll describe them as they happen in red text.

Here’s exactly how it went…

HER: hi chris this is Jamie you approached at starbucks!

ME [6 hours later]: Hi Jamie I’m glad you texted… hahaha that lady behind us was so funny shes like “say yes! I met my husband in a Wendys!” That’s why you texted I think… so what’s on the agenda for the weekend?

I went pretty much straight for the jugular, trying to get together with her right off the bat. I knew this was aggressive, probably not one of the best things to text a girl right off the bat.

But that’s why I phrased it like I did instead of saying something more specific like, “Do you want to get together this weekend”. I just kind of wanted to test the waters. I probably should’ve said something totally neutral and funny, but hey, what are you gonna do?

HER [5 minutes later]: haha no, no that’s not why… lol but she did help out lol.. where do you work?

That’s a big question to text to a guy you just met right off the bat. Smelled like a gold digger so I say…

ME: At Mcdonalds. I just got promoted to assistant manager

HER: well that’s great. Congrats!

ME: Haha I’m jk obv…I own an internet marketing company. Started it like 2 yrs ago. We have like 10 ppl on the team. Are you a gold digger?

I start playing hard-to-get right off the bat…surprising her with blunt questions that most guys don’t have the balls to ask.

HER: hahahaha it really made me wonder! You’re the type of clients I work with! Really… do I look like a gold digger?

She’s telling me about herself here (hinting at what she does for work… and hinting perhaps that she likes her job) and defending herself on the gold digging comment, which are both good signs. It says she wants to open up to me, and that she cares what I think already. I’m feeling good.

HER [45 seconds later]: im 23 almost an assistant manager with my company…im pretty high and well respected a full time employee and going to school full time. Not that im bragging or anything

ME: Clearly J

Making fun of her in a subtle way for being a bragger.

ME: Where do you live?

I was just curious…plus, wanted to express genuine interest and make sure she lives close enough to see.

HER: between _______ and ________

This is really close to me.

HER: you pick up girls from starbucks often?

This is a shit test. She wants to see how I respond. And a dangerous spot. If I shy away from being a pick up artist, first off, I’d be lying, but second off, I’d come off as being serious. So I say…

ME: Ya sbux is the best place to pick up girls. They’re always wired and energetic. I go to barnes when I’m in the mood for a nice book worm J

ME: Hey so I emember you bein cute, but I can’t exactly remember. Send me your picture.

I change the subject. I don’t look for any approval from her or wait for her to respond to my comment about picking up chicks. I also don’t deny the idea, which sets the stage for her, nor do I confirm it as I’m joking with smiley faces and such.

I had learned how to get girls to send you pics via text and one of the main things is that they usually won’t send them unless they’re somewhat interested. I wanted to test her to see how much she was digging me by asking for her picture.

HER: ohhh ok [sends picture] dirty mirror but only thing I got. Enjoy lol

In her picture she’s wearing these short shorts with these long socks and looks kind of goofy so I take the opportunity to poke fun at her with…

ME: hahah don’t tell me that how u rly dress..

HER: noooo! It was before a softball game.

She again defends herself, qualifies herself. She digs me and she’s being a good girl, so I give her a little love with…

ME: You’re so pretty I can’t get over it…So what else is there about you? You’re pretty and…what else is interesting or unique?

Now that I gave her that nice compliment, I go right back to the offensive by making her qualify herself. I’m essentially saying, “Sure, you’re pretty. But you have to be more than pretty to be with me. Sell yourself a little more.” Which frames me as the leader, the catch, and her as the follower. She has to convince me about why I should want to see her again.

HER: well thank you. Blush lol…idk whad you want to know?

ME: What do I wanna know hmm…so for starters, why are you not here right now? I’m cooking this gnarly spaghetti. And for seconds…how many bfs you got?

I thought about this one for a while and couldn’t really come up with anything that good. I wasn’t particularly pleased with this one, but it was good in that it showed her that I can cook and it turned the conversation in the right direction by texting about her boyfriends, which is a naturally sexual topic.

HER: severallll lol. And I’m out with friends lol

ME: You lil slut :P

Her telling me that she has several boyfriends makes it easy for me to poke fun at her for being a slut. She brought it on herself! I was careful with the punctuation here, using the old stick your tongue out like :P because I didn’t want her to get offended. It was a pretty risky move, but it worked out well this time.

ME: I may be out in [your city] tonight…let me know if you’re around.

Here I’m hinting that I’d like to see her, but doing so very casually, no strings attached. I didn’t ask her like, “Do you want to hang out tonight”… because it was a Friday and I figured she probably had stuff going on. Instead, I told her in a casual, non-threatening way that she may be able to see me tonight if she wants… but that I wasn’t pressed about it or expecting anything.

HER: lol no no im not a slut!

Again, defending herself… anytime a girl defends herself in texts, it’s a sign that she likes you. Because if she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t be texting you at all, and if she were, she’d be like, “Who the fuck is this guy calling me a slut and telling me I’m a gold digger? Fuck him…” there’s a little texting advice for you.

ME [3 days later]: Sup sparkles – wanna play a game?

She hadn’t texted me for 3 days over the weekend. I didn’t want to text her either, because I wanted to play hard to get. But I figured 3 days had gone by and I wanted to see if she was still into me.

In terms of leading in with the texting games, the reason I did that was because 1) I couldn’t think of anything else, and 2) it’s exciting and different from what most guys say. You never want to be just like other guys. It’s better to be weird, offensive, dorky, whatever… just not boring… that’s the death.

The questions game is cool b/c it opens up the door to move the conversation to more sexual topics without seeming like a pervert. You’ll find the rules for the Questions texting game just below. I didn’t make this up, but I don’t remember where I got it.

HER: whats that?

ME: It’s the questions game and it’s real simple only 2 rules: 1. You have to answer and 2. You have to tell the truth

HER: Ok random…

ME [a few hours later]: Ok I’ll start…how many serious bfs have you had?

Kinda going straight for the jugular here by starting with boyfriend-girlfriend talk. But life is short, I don’t like beating around the bush. Plus, chicks love talking about relationships.

HER: 2 very serious. You?

ME: 1 haha this is fun… I was w/ her for a while like 5yrs. What’s ur longest?

HER: 4 in a half still seeing each other off and on..

So here she drops what could be thought of as a bombshell… telling me that there’s another guy in the picture. That means baggage to me. I gotta admit that I sort of lost interest a little here, but I was also somewhat intrigued. If a girl has had a serious boyfriend for a while, she’s usually good at giving blowjobs :O

ME: Bitter sweet. Ou need a new msn to sweep you off ur feet. What kinda guys you like…I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

This was another good example of things to text a girl you want to date. Notice, I didn’t show any signs that I was threatened in any way. Nor did I ask more questions about the guy or indicate that I viewed him as an obstacle. Rather, I said “Bitter sweet” showing that I understood that game, and then I told her I’d keep my eyes peeled for another dude for her… indicating pretty blatantly that I’m not really that interested in banging her.

She got the joke and I’m pretty sure she liked it.

HER: lol yeahh

HER [next morning]: heyy so what was up with the randomness last night?

I was surprised by this one and didn’t know what to text back to her right away. So I waited about an hour, thought about it, and went with…

ME: You liked it. Hey I’m bout to do an sbux run, you should meet up w/ me for a few sips J

So I totally avoided her question and told her confidently that she liked it. Then I tested her out by seeing how willing she is to meet up with me. Notice (and this is important), that I’m not asking her many questions. I’m not asking her if she liked my randomness. I’m telling her that she liked my randomness. I’m not asking her if she wants to meet at Starbucks. I’m telling her that she should meet me at Starbucks.

This is a great pieces of texting advice if you want to get girls to like you after you text them. Girls are naturally passive. They’re followers. Men are naturally aggressive. They’re leaders. Nice guys ask questions. Girls aren’t attracted to nice guys. Dominant guys TELL the girls what to do. There is something about this that drives women crazy, but you should lead into it tactfully.

HER: I would love to ! but I work in [nearby city]. Maybe after work?

So she’s clearly open to the possibility of hanging out here. It’s pretty much in the bag, I just have to not fuck anything up.

ME: Networking event :-/ lunch?

I really did have a networking event, but it worked out well because it showed that a) I have shit going on in my life, and b) that I’m not overly eager to see her.

HER: I only have 30 for lunch…hmmm what networking event?! Im on the business womens metwork for [nearby county]..

Notice her punctuation here. She already established herself as being career-oriented and here she reaffirms that by telling me about her networking activities. I’m into business myself, so I know that’s a good topic to talk on… and since I run a cool, thriving business… I can brag about it a little and I know she’ll like it.

ME: This mini golf event. We’re sponsors so I can’t bail.

This was totally true, but I may have used it even if it were a little fib. The fact that not only are we networkers, but that we have extra cash to be able to sponsor events probably impresses her. I did it in a subtle way… clearly showing that I’m not just bragging, by using that sponsorship as an excuse as to why I couldn’t bail on the party. Sneaky, sneaky…  :)

HER: totally understand! Where is your office located?

This is an indicator of interest… she’s definitely into me. Asking where we’re located and shit. She is leading in to something.

ME: Right near the sbux where I net u

Just a side note, I’m kind of a stickler for punctuation. I always want to use periods and capitalize shit appropriately, etc. But you notice that she doesn’t seem to give a rats ass about it.

So at times, I intentionally misspell or mispunctuate shit a) so I can be like her, and b) so she doesn’t get the idea that I’m thinking hard and paying a lot of attention and putting a lot of effort toward this texting flirtation. I am intentionally misspelling stuff so that she thinks I’m relaxed and not thinking this is a big deal.

HER: whats your schedule tom morning?

ME: My first meeting is at 11

Here I’m establishing myself as a boss again. It’s like, I don’t have to work til 11. Put that in your pipe and smoke on it.

HER: well if your up to it we can meet before I go into work…

She asked me out! That’s like NEVER happened. Either I’ve learned how to get a girl to ask you out through texting or this chick really digs me!

So I’m excited here and I was VERY tempted to be like, “Absolutely!” (this chick was HOT!) but again, I wanted to play it cool. I didn’t want to seem eager. I wanted to give her the idea that I’m a catch, that I have a lot of shit going on, that I bang hot chicks all the time, etc.

ME: I dunno sparkles. I need my beauty sleep haha – what time you thinking?

I called her sparkles just b/c I think it’s cute and girly, yet a little condescending. And of course, I put in some resistance b/c I don’t want it to be too easy for her. But then I gave her a little ray of light by asking what time she had in mind.

HER: idk 8ish

ME: killin me smalls! Other options?

This was another example of good things to text a girl you’re talking to. Instead of saying, “Okay, I guess I can do that” (which is what I wanted to say!) I told her that she’s killing me and asked for other options. I was also very brief with her (and took over an hour to respond) and wasn’t really showing a lot of interest.

HER [over an hour later]: idk what works for you?

I point out that she took about an hour to text back because that was a common thread. She is very much paying attention to my response times and she responds only as quickly as I do. Response times are an important basic lesson in text messaging girls.

You never want to seem over-eager… which is tough because sometimes (especially when you’re texting with a  really hot chick) that’s exactly what you are.

ME: I may come meet u tom morn..jus for a quicky sippy. Get my but outta bed

I use the word ‘quicky’ intentionally here as a quick sexual reference that’s subtle. Just to make it extra subtle I do a cute rhyme with ‘sippy’.

HER: boy what time do you get up?

ME: Like noon. Sike, like 8 or 9 usually. What time u get up?

HER: depends on what I have going on that day. Most daya 815.. tom 9 or 10 depends when I feel like it.

This is sort of contradicting what she told me earlier. She has a full-time job. She probably has to be at work the same time every day. I get the idea that she’s trying to impress me. But it also tells me that she was totally willing to get up a couple hours early just for me so that we could meet. All signs point to the fact that this chick wants to BANG me!

ME: So you wanna have an early morning quicky tomorrow?

Blatant sexual text. In order to stay out of the dreaded “friend zone” where girls think stuff like, “Oh my god you’re so nice… I don’t want to jeopordize our relationship by fucking you! You’re like my brother…” you should start getting sexual early on. Show her that you’re a sexual being and that you’re not shy about it.

ME: Coffee obv

She didn’t text me back for a couple hours, so I said this to not seem like a perv.

HER: huh?

ME: you wanna sit for s drink tom mrng @ 8?

Here I formally ask her out. Why? Because she’s been totally compliant and laying on lots of evidence that she’s into me. She’s being a good girl, so it’s okay to treat her nicely. You don’t always have to play hard to get… just until they stop playing it. Girls like to be asked out. It makes them feel good.

HER: sure

ME: K. Don’t be late.

Authoritative. Ballsy.

HER: uhhhh ill text you in the am if that’s ok

This one freaked me out a little because I read into too much. She seemed somewhat offended or put-off by it the first time I read it. I was thinking too much and decided not to reply.

ME [next morning]: I’m up and running sparkles thx to you and NOT happy. Jk I kinda am. I’ll be at sbux.

I get to Starbuck by around 8:10 and she’s not there. I wait until 8:30 drinking coffee and messing around on my phone.

ME: Omg I can’t believe you sleep head!

So now she basically stood me up and she owes me an apology. I won’t let her off easily for this one. She has to know that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. I blame it on her being a sleepy head on purpose as opposed to assuming that she’s not into me and that that was the reason she didn’t show.

HER: ahhh just got up.. I didn’t see toue esponse so I went back to bed… you already go?

HER: now I feel horrible, I did text you so I could figure it out if we were still going or not. Plus yoy didn tg answer mt text last night… I hope you didn’t go!

ME [30 minutes later]: You owe me..

HER: im on my way to sbuxx if you can say hi.. if not I understand..

HER: great [in response to the idea that she owes me]

ME [a couple hours later]: I was crushed L whatcha gonna do to make it up to me

Here I’m milking it for all it’s worth. She’s going to have to pay for this. And the ‘how you gonna’ make it up to me’ game is fun b/c it can lead to sex texting.

HER: well you didn’t answer my text its not all my fault J

ME: What?! I answer all your texts…and you’re the one that scheduled it silly. Can’t slip out that easy J

So I’m lightening up a little, but still being firm and letting her know she’s in the dog house. I’m using words like ‘silly’ and smileys though to let her know that I’m pretty much fucking with her at this point

HER: lol ok ok im sorry

ME: Aww it’s ok sparkle head. I accept ur apology. We should still do summin special though so we get off on the right foot

ME: I got it! Duckpin bowling!! Gourmet pizza, fine wine, tantalizing conversation and lotsa fun..we gotta

This was a strategic text message example also. So in the first one, I’m being easy going. Accepting her apology right off the bat. No questions asked. And by saying that we should get off on the right foot, it’s foreshadowing that we’ll soon be dating… pretty much assuming it.

Then in the second text, I invite her out to a fun sounding date… a date that’s different and creative… and I don’t assign a specific time to it. So I’m not saying, “Okay, let’s go out to dinner on Saturday”… that’s not only boring and predictable, but it’s pushing for a commitment… it’s concrete… on Saturday.

Instead, I’m saying, “Hey, imagine this really fun evening of wine, talking, pizza and bowling… maybe we should do that at some point… whenever. I’m not in a rush nor do I really care that much.”

See that huge difference? Take notes cuz THAT’s how to text girls like the pimp that you are deep-down..

HER: lol ok…since I have talked to you via text you have called me a gold digger, sparkles, and a few other names.. im not sure where thea are coming from. Lol

HER: ps sbux after work?

I’m apparently making this girl horny via text. She’s all up on me. Asking me out every chance she gets. Must not like her ex-boyfriend too much.

ME: Yes sbuz after work…I have a 4pm. You wanna say like 530?

HER: I get off at 6 anytime after that works..

ME: 6:22…and 47 seconds. Our eyes will meet…it will be electric

Here I’m doing two things…first, I’m being unusual by picking a random time and adding seconds to it… second, I’m creating attraction via text by being romantic and almost poetic with the idea of our eyes meeting and sparks flying. Creating some anticipation

HER: so meeting at 622?

ME [at 6:15]: Yup. Maybe 624 J

I’m being late… showing I’m busy, making myself seem more valuable.

HER: ohh ok.

How To Kiss A Girl On The First Date

I’m going to make this brief because this is a LOOONG ass post already. We talked a little, moved around from table to table a few times, I got some info on her ex-boyfriend, got to know her a little better, and kept hinting at sex and gauging her reaction.

She seemed pretty open so at times I was being blatantly sexual with her. We went for a drive in my car… I was speeding around like a crazy person (she liked it) and she was loving my whip (a new Lexus). We were in a neighborhood and I asked her if she wanted to drive and she said yes.

I told her she has to give me a kiss on the cheek, which she did quickly. Then I told her she has to give me a kiss on the lips, too. Which she also did quickly.

We went back to Starbucks and after she put it in park I just leaned in and kissed her. She kissed me back. We had a couple seconds of small chat and I kissed her again… telling her that she’s a great kisser.

She had to leave to go to the gym and we kissed again outside of the car. I tapped her ass playfully as she was leaving and said, “yea, baby let’s have another adventure soon.”

She fuckin loved it!

It’s all right here for you… and all free. Courtesy of your boys at – tell your friends about it :)

I’ll try to update you with more on this girl as things progress.

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