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It seems that the more email I read from users like you, the more people request actual examples of things to text girls you like. Seems like you’re looking for some specifics – like examples of things to actually text (or write, or whatever).

I can give you some canned phrases, for sure.

BUT, you have to understand, that each situation is different.

The ideal thing to say to a girl you like in a text message depends a lot on the interaction you’ve had with her thus far.

For instance, if you’ve banged her already, my advice would be much different than if you hadn’t banged her.

It’s probably pretty safe to assume that you haven’t banged her if you’re trying to figure out what to say, but that’s an extreme example.

Have you gone out on a date with her yet? Or did you just meet her yesterday?

Do you see how something like that can make a difference? Of course you do.

So, don’t take these examples and just start mass-texting them blindly to a bunch of different girls, b/c it won’t work. I don’t want you to email me your sob stories about how you tried XYZ line from XYZ post and it didn’t work.

I’m telling you, this is a customized process. But here are a few things to text to girls you like that are somewhat universally acceptable.

1. “Hey, you wanna play a game?”

Why is this cool? Well, mainly b/c it’s unexpected and playful. Girls like surprises, the like suspense, and they like guys that are unusual in a good way.

Also, by asking her if she wants to play a game, you get to see whether she’s cool and open and spontaneous enough to play a game that she doesn’t know the rules to.

Lastly, if she says yes, which she most likely will if she likes you at all, you get to make up any game you want to play with her.

It’s sort of like a triple-win.

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2. “Ha! You’re gonna love this…Guess what I’m doing right now..”

Why does this work? For some of the same reasons as the last one…

First off, it’s unexpected. It makes her think, “Hmm, what’s he doing?” Also, it definitely falls under the “unusual in a good way” category.

Third, is that it gives you an opportunity to make something else up afterward. Think about what the two of you have done together, what connection you’ve had, and make that “thing that you’re doing right now” applicable to something you’ve experienced/talked about together.

3. “OMG, you should totally be here right now”

Why is this is a good thing to say to girls you like in a text message? First off, it sounds as if something dramatic has just happened, which is inherently exciting. Since she’s getting it from you, a little part of her is going to think, “This guy is full of excitement!”

Second, is that it warrants a response. It’s a good way to gauge if she’s really into you or not. If she responds – especially if she responds quickly – she probably likes you. If she doesn’t respond, maybe it’s time to move on.

Third, it gives you a chance to make up something on the fly if she does respond – preferably something that you two shared specifically.

Success with text messaging women is all about having a good time with them in-person and then recreating those same feelings of excitement and bonding through the phone.

If you can make her feel good, she’s yours.

I have to run guys, that’s all for now. But we wrote a post similar to this recently that you might enjoy.

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