How to Date an Older Women

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Wow, Shmak Deezy, Yags, and I (P-Funk here) just recorded an awesome audio about advice for how to date an older women. Listen to the audio now, or read this quick summary of it:

Older women are different from younger women, but they’re the same really.

That may sound a bit confusing and counter-intuitive, but when you think about it more, it starts making sense.

See, older women are different from younger ones in that they’re usually more mature. They like smart guys. Somebody that can give them some intellectual stimulation.

Younger girls just like having fun. A lot of times they’re kind of dumb themselves. They can be entertained almost in the same way that an annoying little sister can be…basically just make fun of them a little bit and they’re yours!

So that’s how they’re different.

But they’re the same in that at the end of the day, they both just want to feel good. If you can use the differences of each type of women to your advantage, crafting your strategy carefully for each, with the final, end result being to make the chick feel good, you’re golden.

In the audio about how to date an older women we go into much more detail. It’s a couple minutes long, check it out before you go.

[audio:] (click to play)

Also, before you go, tell us about your experience with dating older women. Is there something you do all the time with cougars that we forgot about?


Don’t be scared to share your experiences. I mean, we’re good at what we do, but a fresh perspective is always valuable.

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3 Responses to “How to Date an Older Women”

  1. jym on December 30th, 2009 4:13 pm

    hi who ever your name?s are see i have been trying like really hard i know i messed up everithing posible with this girl she is 8 years older than me but damn she is hot and i really want her not just for a wile a the begening everithing was cool and i had flity mesages with her but afert like 3 days i tryed to take her out n a date and well she sayd the she did likeked me but guees i dont wanna loose you as a friend then after a week a send a WRONG MESAGE and i wanna know if i can fix it preaty much i told her i was perfect 4 her in every way balh lah shit shit i mean im 20 and i can have any girl really im amodel but coming to girls i really like i become stupid and preaty much TEH NICE GUY and now she doesent reply my txts any more is there any way to fix it pleasei need help i really like this girl please i need advise and i mean it i made every single mistake as a nice guy

  2. admin on December 30th, 2009 4:56 pm

    First of all dude, I can barely friggin’ understand you – get a grip.

    From what I was able to understand, it sounds like you have been trying to date this older woman, and have been too nice, too brother-like and you’re now in the dreaded “friend zone”

    This is when a girl starts thinking of you as a friend and doesn’t want to date you. It’s a difficult situation to overturn, but it possible.

    First off, don’t text her for a while. There’s nothing that annoys girls more – especially the ones that aren’t into you – than getting a million texts from you all the time.

    Second off, since you know that she thinks of you as a valuable friend, don’t use the word “date” – she won’t respond well to that as you’ve seen.

    Instead, just tell her, “let’s hang out” – this makes things a lot more relaxing for both of you, reduces the pressure.

    When you do hang out with her, prepare yourself to act a little differently. Mainly, don’t be so nice. Girls like challenges, they like bad boys.

    A way that you can make yourself seem like a bad-boy without actually being one, is by using comments that are sarcastic, and a little mean, but not too mean.

    In the world of seduction, these are called “negs” (short for negative) and they can be extremely effective. Some examples of ways to neg a girl are by saying something like,

    “Wow, that’s such a nice dress…I’ve seen like 4 different girls wearing it already.”

    Or like,

    “Haha, you have a funny nose, it wiggles when you laugh”

    Something that’s a little snarky, but not too mean as to hurt her feelings. Treat her like your little sister.

    Lastly, as you are trying to get her interested in you again, it’s best to be pursuing other girls as well. Don’t focus only on her or you’ll get “one-itis” – thinking that there’s only one hot girl in the world.

    One-itis has a very damaging effect and can push her away from you completely. Go out to the mall or the bookstore or the clubs, find women, and start talking to them.

    Hope this helps. Let us know how it turns out.

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