Example Text Message To Send To A Girl You Want To Bang – Part 1/5

What’s up everybody? It’s Yags in the building here to talk to you today about an example text message to send to a girl you are trying to hook up with.

This is part 1 in a 5-part series.

A lot of people ask me about this, like, “What’s the best, cutest, perfect text message to send to a girl?

For me to answer that question for you is somewhat impossible. Why? Because I don’t know the details!

What works in one situation, may not work in another. But what follows is an example text message to send to a girl who 1) you don’t know that well, and 2) you would like to have sex with.

This is an exact copy of the convo that I actually had recently with a chick that I ended up banging. It’s a little long, but I encourage you to read the whole thing to learn my approach.
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What To Say In A Dirty Text Message – 4 Tips For Guys & Girls

Hey whattup yall, P-Funk here.

When you’re a sex-texting guru like me, people will constantly ask you what to say in a “dirty” text message. Lucky for me (and for you, I suppose) the answer to this question comes very easily to me.

Almost all of the text messages I write are dirty or “naughty” in some way.

This post will guide you through 7 key essentials to remember when sending dirty text messages. There will be advice for both dudes and chics. It will be effective and actionable (and free) so keep reading.

Here we go…

1. Start smooth. The worst thing to do (whether you’re a guy or a girl) is to start off too strong. Read more

Things To Text To Girls You Like

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It seems that the more email I read from users like you, the more people request actual examples of things to text girls you like. Seems like you’re looking for some specifics – like examples of things to actually text (or write, or whatever).

I can give you some canned phrases, for sure.

BUT, you have to understand, that each situation is different.

The ideal thing to say to a girl you like in a text message depends a lot on the interaction you’ve had with her thus far.

For instance, if you’ve banged her already, my advice would be much different than if you hadn’t banged her.

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Text Flirting Girls Can’t See Coming

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When you’re text flirting girls can generally tell if you’re “gaming” – that is, playing games or intentionally trying to get them to want to date you.

There are certain strategies and techniques you can use that teach you how to text girls effectively. In a way that not only makes them want to have sex with you, but also in a way that establishes authority, and makes them think of you almost as a “Daddy” figure.

Basically, you want to treat them as you would a younger sibling.

Be short and playful. Basically caring very little about what they think or how they feel. But not in a dickhead kind of way. More in a funny kind of way.

An example of text flirting girls can’t see coming

Her: Alright, what time should I be there?

(I already had a date with her – getting a date is another game altogether hahah)

Her: Should I be there at 8?

(Notice, she texted me twice in a row – a sign that I can get away with treating her like my little brother. In general, whoever is doing most of the texting, is the one with less power over the relationship.)

Her: Hey I’m about to leave. Your gonna be there??

(She seems almost desperate now with the repeated texts after no answer from me…Perfect!) Read more

How to Tell If a Woman is Flirting With You Texting

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A question that comes up pretty frequently in my line of work (picking up women) is how to tell if a woman is flirting with you texting.

In person, it’s easy to tell because you can see their body language, right? But how are you supposed to tell over the phone..in writing.

Digital Body Language

How to tell if a woman is flirting with you texting is a delicate process. Be careful, because misreading the digital body language could turn out very bad.

There are certain signs that are just blatantly obvious – but there are many which are much more subtle

Blatant Signs That She Wants You

If she is talking about sex with you, she probably wants you. If she asks you out, or wants to know what you’ll be doing @ XYZ time, she probably wants you.

You know this. But what are some more subtle signs?

Subtle Signs That She Wants You

This is where how to tell if a woman is flirting with you texting can get a little tricky — when she is trying to be sneaky. Some things that she could do to subtly let you know that she’s into you are the following:

  • Saying “hahah” or LOL frequently
  • Texting you more than you text her
  • Texting you back faster than you text her back
  • Asking you questions about yourself
  • Being really responsive when you ask her questions

Though a lot of these things are “flirting” in the general sense of the word, they are what we call “IOIs” or “indications of interest,” which is basically the same thing as flirting.

How To Tell if a Woman is Flirting With You Texting in a Nutshell:

Pay attention to her! If she is being nice to you, she is flirting with you, and as long as she’s not your blood relative, you should probably bang her. Hahaha.

Here’s an example of a chic that I banged recently who was flirting with me pretty obviously:

Her: “Hey what are you up to this weekend?”

When a woman wants to know what you’re doing, she’s clearly into you.

Me: [Didn't respond until the next day] “Oh, nothing much, catching up on some work and relaxing. Why, you thinking of coming down?”

She lives out of state.

Her: “Yea I was going to but wasn’t sure what you were doing”

This chic clearly wants to bang – I’d never banged her before, but really wanted to – chic is HOT!

Me: “Come see me!! I have good tickets to the baseball game for tonight”

Her: “Okay, what time does it start?”

BINGO!! That was the beginning of the end. Chic got a nice night out on the town, and then she got a big shlong in her face. Hahah

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Brilliant Text Message Ideas – Fun, Flirty, and HOT!

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Looking for the ultimate in flirty text message ideas that will totally make a woman curious, interested, and pretty much hot?

Alrite, take notes, ready?

This one was one that I invented myself (P-funk here), I’ve been using it ever since, and it works brilliantly. Here’s how it goes:

1. See hot chic during the day somewhere (bookstore, coffee shop, grocery store, etc.)

2. Approach chic with the following: “Hey excuse me, I hate to bother you and this is totally weird at [insert time of day] in the [insert place where you are] but you are like, obviously Read more

Best Texting Games To Play With Girls

Hey what’ s up everybody? This is Yags and P-Funk on the mic once again talking about¬†texting games to play with girls.

Whether you’re texting with a girl you just met, with a girl you’ve been dating for a little while, or with your girlfriend, you’ll find a game here that fits the bill.

Choosing the right texting games to play with girls can be tricky.

For instance, if she’s a conservative girl, you’ll want to choose a game that’s cute or flirty, but generally keep it in the PG-13 realm. But if she’s¬†a party girl, or she’s more liberal, than you can get a little dirty, be seductive & choose a game with a more sexual undertone.

So without further ado, let’s get to it. We’ll start with this past weekend’s number one game

NOTE:¬†We’re going to continue updating this page to add more texting games to play with girls frequently – if you have a game ¬†you love or a specific question, please leave us a comment about it below.

The Nickname Texting Game

Rules are as follows:

*Meet girl

*Notice something interesting about girl/make fun of her about something

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Sexy Fun Stuff to Say to Chicks in Text Messages

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With regard to sex texting (texting in general, really) TIMING is everything. Depending on my relationship with a given chic, I may not text her at all on weekends, for instance. That’s how important timing is texting. People are generally bored on the weekdays, busy on the weekends. So timing-wise, text during the boring hours.

The sex text that you send to the girl, should be relevant to what you guys have talked about before. You don’t want to talk to her about bagels and coffee for twenty minutes and then turn around and sex text her with some really dirty text. That’s going to throw her off.

What you should do is try to weave sex into the conversation at some point–the verbal conversation, that is.

THEN drop it into a message. Read more

What to Say to a Girl in a Text

Wondering what to say to a girl in a text message? Texting is an art form. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your approach needs to be adjusted to the girl you’re texting.Here's what to say to a girl in a text

Some major things to consider

When / where you met. Was it last night at a college bar… In your high school math class… At a random coffee shop?

The kind of girl/guy they are. Is she liberal or conservative… Does she party all night or sleep early… Is she a career girl, an athletic girl, a family girl?

How he/she responds to your text. Does she reply quick & detailed… Does she reply slow & short? Those are really the only two options – just what degree
We’ve tested lots of different ideas / questions / games, etc.

We’ve tested funny stuff, flirty stuff, sexy stuff, you name it. This stuff applies whether you’re a guy or a girl. Happy texting!

Roll w/ these general rules of thumb

You wanna be ambiguous. You don’t wanna give away your whole position, but you wanna give an idea.

They have to kind of know where you’re standing.

Stay ambigous, don’t give your whole game plan, just a teaser

For instance, you’re wondering what to say to this girl in a text message,

you’re sitting at your house by yourself…you don’t tell her your by yourself, b/c being by yourself is
not the optimum, you avoid talking about who you’re with.

You say, “hey, wanna play a game real quick, i’m bored”

See?? Read more

How to Date an Older Women

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Wow, Shmak Deezy, Yags, and I (P-Funk here) just recorded an awesome audio about advice for how to date an older women. Listen to the audio now, or read this quick summary of it:

Older women are different from younger women, but they’re the same really.

That may sound a bit confusing and counter-intuitive, but when you think about it more, it starts making sense.

See, older women are different from younger ones in that they’re usually more mature. They like smart guys. Somebody that can give them some intellectual stimulation. Read more

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