How to Spin Rejection into a Positive Thing

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P-Funk here, sittin w/ Shmak Deezy and we’re thinking about a concept that every pick-up artist encounters at some point throughout his journey–rejection.

Even the biggest pimp-daddies encounter rejection at some point. The fact is that some women are just not in the right place in their lives to be dating guys.

The thing that separates a real pimp from a fake pimp is HOW you handle the rejection when it happens.

How do you handle rejection?

The natural way to react is to curl up into a little ball, feeling like shit, and basically be a bitch. You may even feel like giving up, not trying to pick up chicks anymore.

But what about this…what if you got rejected as usual, but instead of curling up and being a bitch, what if it actually gave you more energy?

What if the idea of being rejected by a woman, instead of making you get scared little butterflies in your stomach, made you excited and in the mood to go out?

Get to a point in your game where you look at rejection as a challenge. Try to get to a point where it’s funny. Where it’s a game. The last thing you want is to be scared of rejection and try to avoid it.

The fact is that the more you get rejected, the more you’ll get laid.

I’ll give you an example…

Shmak Deezy went out this weekend, talked to a bunch of chicks, found one that he liked, started vibing with her, went for the kiss, and got shot down. Just rejected. Which some people may say sucks.

I didn’t get rejected at all this weekend.

Whose weekend would you have rather lived, mine or Shmak Deezy’s?

Some people may choose mine b/c I didn’t suffer the pain of rejection. But a real pick-up artist that really loves women would have chosen Shmak’s weekend any day of the week.

Ya, he got rejected, but he almost got laid!

He met a bunch of new chicks, had a great time with a few of them, and started a real bond w/ one of them (who eventually ended up rejecting him, but he’s gonna see her again…one day.)

Yags blurts out,

Dude, Go Out With The Purpose of Getting Rejected

I looked at him a little curiously. “You mean, go out and get rejected on purpose?”

“Exactly!” he says.

Shmak and I are a bit confused. Handling rejection well is one thing, but going out with the actual intention of being rejected?

“Check it out, man. The beauty of being rejected is that whenever you get rejected, you’re taking shots. You’re going for gold.”

He continues, “I’m not talking about going out and being an asshole to get rejected. I’m talking about going out and talking to a hot ass girl, a girl that you totally wouldn’t expect to get, and just try to get her, knowing that you’ll probably get rejected, but that you MAY score big!”

It was starting to make sense for us now and actually sounds like a damn-good idea. Let’s do it.

What to do if you do get rejected

Don’t ever let it show on your face. Keep your expression just the same as you would normally. The last thing you want is to let that girl know that she has totally broken you.

It has happened to EVERYBODY! You have a great conversation w/ a woman, you’re totally vibing w/ her, and then you find out she has a boyfriend or husband.

Don’t let her see you sweat. This shouldn’t matter to you one way or the other. One day you’ll be in a situation w/ this woman…whether it’s later tonight, or on some other day…you’ll be in a situation w/ this woman where she will want to bang you.

But if you change your own vibes upon rejection, if you let her see you hurting, if you stop being sexual and funny with this woman, then when she’s ready to fuck somebody other than her boyfriend, you will have disqualified yourself from the list of potentials!


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