How to Tell If a Woman is Flirting With You Texting

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A question that comes up pretty frequently in my line of work (picking up women) is how to tell if a woman is flirting with you texting.

In person, it’s easy to tell because you can see their body language, right? But how are you supposed to tell over the writing.

Digital Body Language

How to tell if a woman is flirting with you texting is a delicate process. Be careful, because misreading the digital body language could turn out very bad.

There are certain signs that are just blatantly obvious – but there are many which are much more subtle

Blatant Signs That She Wants You

If she is talking about sex with you, she probably wants you. If she asks you out, or wants to know what you’ll be doing @ XYZ time, she probably wants you.

You know this. But what are some more subtle signs?

Subtle Signs That She Wants You

This is where how to tell if a woman is flirting with you texting can get a little tricky — when she is trying to be sneaky. Some things that she could do to subtly let you know that she’s into you are the following:

  • Saying “hahah” or LOL frequently
  • Texting you more than you text her
  • Texting you back faster than you text her back
  • Asking you questions about yourself
  • Being really responsive when you ask her questions

Though a lot of these things are “flirting” in the general sense of the word, they are what we call “IOIs” or “indications of interest,” which is basically the same thing as flirting.

How To Tell if a Woman is Flirting With You Texting in a Nutshell:

Pay attention to her! If she is being nice to you, she is flirting with you, and as long as she’s not your blood relative, you should probably bang her. Hahaha.

Here’s an example of a chic that I banged recently who was flirting with me pretty obviously:

Her: “Hey what are you up to this weekend?”

When a woman wants to know what you’re doing, she’s clearly into you.

Me: [Didn't respond until the next day] “Oh, nothing much, catching up on some work and relaxing. Why, you thinking of coming down?”

She lives out of state.

Her: “Yea I was going to but wasn’t sure what you were doing”

This chic clearly wants to bang – I’d never banged her before, but really wanted to – chic is HOT!

Me: “Come see me!! I have good tickets to the baseball game for tonight”

Her: “Okay, what time does it start?”

BINGO!! That was the beginning of the end. Chic got a nice night out on the town, and then she got a big shlong in her face. Hahah

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