4 Sexy Games To Play Over Text

What’s up yall? P-Funk here. Recently, a lot of you have been asking for EVEN MORE good games to play over text.

I’m a people-pleaser, so I figured I’ll give you what you want…. keep reading & discover three cute, flirty, potentially dirty text games that work like on charm on most girls (and probably guys too, honestly).

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Ok, still with me? Here are the 4 games to play over text…. Read more

Things To Text A Girl: Examples Of How To Make Her Like You, Make Her Horny For You, & Get A Date Easily

What’s up y’all, P-Funk here… thought it was about time to drop some more examples of things to text a girl to not only get her interested and responding quickly…

But also to make her like you, make her want to go on a date with you, make her horny for you… and then set it up so that you can kiss her the first time you see her.

Text-Girls.com as always, show you what you need…this is a long piece and you’ll learn a lot. After you’re done, check out the links below for more examples how to text a girl, things to text a girl, texting games to play, dirty (or “sex”) texting to make girls horny, and more…

So here’s the story… exactly how it happened (WARNING! It’s pretty graphic as usual. Lots of f-bombs n stuff..) Read more

How To Ask A Girl Out By Text And Make Her Horny On The First Date

November 16, 2010 · Posted in How to Text Girls, Sex Texting · 1 Comment 

Hey guys, P-Funk here.

A lot of guys ask me how to ask a girl out by text message, still a lot of other guys start from the top and ask me whether is it okay to even initiate a date with texting or not.

So in this post, I’m going to do a few things:

  1. Talk about whether or not you should be asking chicks out via text
  2. Discuss specific strategies of how to ask a girl out by text and what to say
  3. Tell you how to leverage your date to make her super-horny and potentially hook up with her that night!

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Best Texting Games To Play With Girls

May 27, 2009 · Posted in How to Text Girls · 11 Comments 

Hey what’ s up everybody? This is Yags and P-Funk on the mic once again talking about texting games to play with girls.

Whether you’re texting with a girl you just met, with a girl you’ve been dating for a little while, or with your girlfriend, you’ll find a game here that fits the bill.

Choosing the right texting games to play with girls can be tricky.

For instance, if she’s a conservative girl, you’ll want to choose a game that’s cute or flirty, but generally keep it in the PG-13 realm. But if she’s a party girl, or she’s more liberal, than you can get a little dirty, be seductive & choose a game with a more sexual undertone.

So without further ado, let’s get to it. We’ll start with this past weekend’s number one game

NOTE: We’re going to continue updating this page to add more texting games to play with girls frequently – if you have a game  you love or a specific question, please leave us a comment about it below.

The Nickname Texting Game

Rules are as follows:

*Meet girl

*Notice something interesting about girl/make fun of her about something

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