4 Sexy Games To Play Over Text

What’s up yall? P-Funk here. Recently, a lot of you have been asking for EVEN MORE good games to play over text.

I’m a people-pleaser, so I figured I’ll give you what you want…. keep reading & discover three cute, flirty, potentially dirty text games that work like on charm on most girls (and probably guys too, honestly).

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Ok, still with me? Here are the 4 games to play over text…. Read more

Things To Text A Girl: Examples Of How To Make Her Like You, Make Her Horny For You, & Get A Date Easily

What’s up y’all, P-Funk here… thought it was about time to drop some more examples of things to text a girl to not only get her interested and responding quickly…

But also to make her like you, make her want to go on a date with you, make her horny for you… and then set it up so that you can kiss her the first time you see her.

Text-Girls.com as always, show you what you need…this is a long piece and you’ll learn a lot. After you’re done, check out the links below for more examples how to text a girl, things to text a girl, texting games to play, dirty (or “sex”) texting to make girls horny, and more…

So here’s the story… exactly how it happened (WARNING! It’s pretty graphic as usual. Lots of f-bombs n stuff..) Read more

How Often To Text A Girl You Just Met (Hint: NOT What You Think)

February 12, 2011 · Posted in How to Text Girls · 16 Comments 

P-Funk here to teach you about a VERY important text messaging tip – How often to text a girl you just met.

Seriously fellas, listen up because this is one of the most common mistakes that guys make when they’re texting girls.

I wish I could just give you a straight answer or rule of thumb for how often to text a girl you just met – I wish I could be like, “Oh, there’s a girl you like? Just text her once a week,” – but unfortunately, I can’t.

But every situation is just so different.

What I CAN do though, is drop some philosophy on yo’ bitch ass (j/k, you’re not a bitch) and teach you the CONCEPTS that you need to know in order to make this decision for yourself on the fly. Read more

Texting A Girl After You Get Her Number:
The 3 Crucial Things You NEED To Know

November 19, 2010 · Posted in How to Text Girls · Comment 

So you just got a girl’s number and you’re all excited, searching the web looking for info about texting a girl after you get her number.

Well you’re in luck.

Myself and my boys have been texting girls for many years. We have relentlessly tested and experimented with different text messaging strategies and have come up with a formula that works like magic.

I’m going to share it with you here today, but I have already written a good bit on it. See this example of what to say when texting a girl after you get her number.

1. Tell Her What You’re Going To Do

There’s a running debate about how long to wait before texting or calling a girl after you get her number, or after you go on a first date.

To me, this whole conversation is bullshit. Read more

How To Ask A Girl Out By Text And Make Her Horny On The First Date

November 16, 2010 · Posted in How to Text Girls, Sex Texting · 1 Comment 

Hey guys, P-Funk here.

A lot of guys ask me how to ask a girl out by text message, still a lot of other guys start from the top and ask me whether is it okay to even initiate a date with texting or not.

So in this post, I’m going to do a few things:

  1. Talk about whether or not you should be asking chicks out via text
  2. Discuss specific strategies of how to ask a girl out by text and what to say
  3. Tell you how to leverage your date to make her super-horny and potentially hook up with her that night!

Let’s jump right in.. Read more

Sexy Fun Stuff to Say to Chicks in Text Messages

March 18, 2009 · Posted in Sex Texting · 4 Comments 

With regard to sex texting (texting in general, really) TIMING is everything. Depending on my relationship with a given chic, I may not text her at all on weekends, for instance. That’s how important timing is texting. People are generally bored on the weekdays, busy on the weekends. So timing-wise, text during the boring hours.

The sex text that you send to the girl, should be relevant to what you guys have talked about before. You don’t want to talk to her about bagels and coffee for twenty minutes and then turn around and sex text her with some really dirty text. That’s going to throw her off.

What you should do is try to weave sex into the conversation at some point–the verbal conversation, that is.

THEN drop it into a message. Read more

What to Say to a Girl in a Text

March 4, 2009 · Posted in How to Text Girls · 12 Comments 

Wondering what to say to a girl in a text message? Texting is an art form. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your approach needs to be adjusted to the girl you’re texting.Here's what to say to a girl in a text

Some major things to consider

When / where you met. Was it last night at a college bar… In your high school math class… At a random coffee shop?

The kind of girl/guy they are. Is she liberal or conservative… Does she party all night or sleep early… Is she a career girl, an athletic girl, a family girl?

How he/she responds to your text. Does she reply quick & detailed… Does she reply slow & short? Those are really the only two options – just what degree
We’ve tested lots of different ideas / questions / games, etc.

We’ve tested funny stuff, flirty stuff, sexy stuff, you name it. This stuff applies whether you’re a guy or a girl. Happy texting!

Roll w/ these general rules of thumb

You wanna be ambiguous. You don’t wanna give away your whole position, but you wanna give an idea.

They have to kind of know where you’re standing.

Stay ambigous, don’t give your whole game plan, just a teaser

For instance, you’re wondering what to say to this girl in a text message,

you’re sitting at your house by yourself…you don’t tell her your by yourself, b/c being by yourself is
not the optimum, you avoid talking about who you’re with.

You say, “hey, wanna play a game real quick, i’m bored”

See?? Read more